Prepaid Monthly Service


BUY MORE AND SAVE! Add months of service to your device(s). This will be applied to your account. If you have more than one device, order at least 1 month per device. Your total number of months purchased will be distributed across all devices to maintain matched expiration dates. EXAMPLE: If you have 2 devices …
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ADD ON: Locate On Demand


This ADD ON feature allows you to request your device’s location in real time!  This is ideal if you would like to get location updates between the regularly reported intervals.  You will need to purchase the number of months that remain on your current remaining service. Otherwise, this feature cannot be added. If you have …
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Device Re-Activation


If service has expired on your device, this is just what you need to get back to tracking! 1 activation is good for 1 device. Once purchased, your device(s) will be activated within 48 hrs of purchasing. Also, be sure to add service to your device as well. This activation fee includes 1 month of …
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