3G Plug-In DIY Tracking, Control, Alert System



Product Description


– 3G cell service – faster data! 3G Means the TP-OBD3 is FUTURE PROOF
– Location updates every 5 minutes*!
– 3 months of service included
 ($18.95/month afterwards)
– Bundle service now and save (see dropdown menu above)!
– Activation fee waived at time of purchase (normally $20.00)
– Purchased service is pooled against all devices in your account (in months)
– This may qualify you for multiple insurance discounts!

– DIY installation!
– Compatible with most 1996+ vehicles with OBDII
NOTE: Currently, this device is not compatible with Hybrid vehicles or 2014+ Mazdas. A wired unit is recommended.
– Simply plug into the vehicles OBDII diagnosic plug under the dash!
– Compatible with the TP-HOBD2 t-harness for a stealth installation!
– Alerts for geofence, low vehicle battery, excessive speed, & more!
– Dimensions: 43 x 64 x 25 mm

– GPS based tracking using the GSM cellular network
– Backed by NUMEREX’s industry leading network, the most reliable and robust service provider available for tracking mobile assets!
– Built-in cellular antenna for easier installation
– Built-in high sensitivity GPS receiver for cleaner and quicker installs
– Geo-fence reporting alerts with bi-directional boundary crossing
– Speed alert with select-able limit
– Locations updates every 5 minutes w/ the key on (once per hour w/ key off)
– Track multiple vehicles from one account
– Full USA mapping with aerial satellite view
– History Logs show location, command, and alert history
– Low vehicle battery alert
– Automatically indicates stopped, idle, and many other vehicle statuses
– Backed by a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects

Contact us for service info and activation.
We’re looking for installing dealers across the US. Contact us to learn how you can qualify for wholesale pricing!

*5 minute reporting occurs when the vehicle’s ignition is on. When the ignition is off, the system will report once every hour.


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